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Led by neuroscience and circadian biology, INTO is a proprietary platform that harnesses the power of full spectrum light and composed soundscapes. Brains are instruments. There’s a practice to using them and when mastered, they perform at their peak. What if you could cut through the clutter of modern life -the anxieties, agitations and interruptions- to tap into a better self whenever you want? A therapeutic tool designed to reset and enhance your mind whenever you need it. This is INTO.

The science behind INTO device

"From sleeping less than five hours a night to a consistent nine hours within the first week of using INTO. I can't overstate how much this technology has transformed my life."

– -Skip Brittenham, Entertainment Lawyer
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INTO is a breakthrough born of diverse collaboration and expertise. The technology and experience behind the company was developed by some of the most visionary minds in art, neuroscience, entertainment, technology, engineering and industrial design.

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